Availability of mobile internet in Malta is significant for tourists as it makes it easy to move around and communicate without any hurdles while visiting cultural sites and natural attractions. Local SIM cards or eSIM cards allow you to stay connected at affordable prices and improve the travel experience. This article underlines the role of internet connection for Malta’s tourists and the advantages of using local SIM cards and eSIMs to do that. 

The Mobile Internet in Malta

I. Mobile Internet coverage and speed in Malta 

Malta Mobile Internet Coverage

Malta mobile internet coverage
Malta mobile internet coverage

Mobile internet coverage across the island nation of Malta is very robust, thanks to investments from the major network operators GO, Melita, and Epic. All three providers have rolled out widely available 4G LTE networks that reach over 95% of the population. The interactive coverage map below provides a clear depiction of the extensive network infrastructure, aiding users in identifying areas with optimal connectivity.

Here are some key facts about mobile internet in Malta: 

  • GO Mobile: Established provider offering internet, mobile, TV, and fixed-line services with its widespread coverage across the island, including urban and rural areas.
  • Melita Mobile: Leading company providing fast and reliable internet, TV, mobile, and fixed-line services, provides high-speed broadband options for residential and business customers, and provides coverage in both urban centers and remote areas.
  • Epic Mobile: Newer player offering competitive internet and mobile services with a focus on affordability and innovation which provides internet coverage primarily in urban areas of Malta.

In conclusion, Malta enjoys comprehensive mobile coverage from Melita Mobile, ensuring reliable connectivity across urban and rural areas of the island. The extensive network infrastructure provides users with strong signal strength for calls, texts, and data services, as depicted on the coverage map.

Malta Mobile Internet Speed

Malta mobile internet speed
Malta mobile internet speed. Source: Speedtest

Malta shines on the global stage for its exceptional mobile internet speed. With consistently high rankings for both download and upload speeds, Malta’s telecommunications infrastructure demonstrates its excellence. Let’s delve into the country’s outstanding performance in mobile connectivity and its cities’ rankings.

According to Speedtest, Malta ranks 39th globally for mobile internet speed, boasting an average speed of 76.86 Mbps. This places the country among those with notably fast mobile connections. With such speeds, mobile users in Malta experience seamless online activities which contributes to a reliable and efficient digital experience for residents and visitors alike.

City Ranking:

  • Valletta: Valletta, the capital city, likely offers high-speed mobile internet at 31.5 Mbps, facilitating efficient connectivity for residents and visitors.
  • Sliema: Sliema, a popular tourist destination and commercial hub, similarly provides fast mobile internet (averagely at 44.4 Mbps), supporting the needs of locals and tourists alike.

In conclusion, Malta boasts fast mobile internet speeds, as indicated by its favorable ranking. With Melita Mobile offering extensive coverage and infrastructure, opting for their services would ensure reliable and swift connectivity across the country, making it a viable choice for residents and visitors alike.

II. Mobile Internet in Malta: Connection Options for Tourists

Navigating connectivity options while traveling to Malta is essential for staying connected and informed. This table compares various options available to travelers, including free WiFi, pocket WiFi, eSIM, SIM card, and roaming, highlighting their respective pros, cons, and price ranges in USD.

OptionProsConsPrice Range (USD)
Free WiFiWidely available in cafes, restaurants, and public spaces. Often convenient and easy to use.Connection speed and reliability can be inconsistent. Security risks on public networks. May not be available everywhere.Free
Pocket WiFiProvides reliable and portable internet access. Can share connections with multiple devices.Rental fees can add up. Battery life may be limited. Not always available for purchase.$10 – $50 per day
eSIMEasy to activate and manage. Multiple data plans available. No need to switch physical SIM cards.Requires a compatible phone. eSIM selection may be limited compared to traditional SIM cards.$20 – $100 for data plans
SIM CardAffordable option. Wide variety of data plans available. Can be purchased locally upon arrival.Requires unlocking your phone or obtaining a travel SIM from your carrier. Activation process may take time.$10 – $50 for prepaid SIM cards
RoamingConvenient – use your existing phone plan while traveling.Can be very expensive, with data charges accumulating quickly. Limited control over costs.Varies depending on your carrier’s roaming charges

In conclusion, an eSIM in Malta is a favorable choice for tourists due to its convenience of not requiring a physical SIM card and the flexibility to switch between networks seamlessly.

Our suggestion: Consider opting for an eSIM from eSIMMalta.com, which collaborates with local operators such as Melita, and Epic, ensuring consistent connectivity during your travels in Malta. With its seamless setup process and the reliability associated with a top-tier network provider, their eSIM guarantees fast, secure internet access, competitive pricing, and the flexibility to switch between networks as needed.

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III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Malta

Staying connected with loved ones and navigating your way around Malta is essential for a smooth trip. But mobile data costs can quickly add up, especially if you’re not careful. 

Estimating Mobile Data Needs in Malta:

Trip StyleEstimated Data Usage
Short Weekend Getaway1-2 GB
Week-Long Exploration3-5 GB
Extended Stay/Digital Nomad5+ GB

Once you’ve determined your estimated data usage, you can select the most suitable prepaid eSIM data plan from eSIMMalta.com to meet your requirements and budget.

DataValidityPrice (USD)
1 GB7 Days3.71
3 GB15 Days8.76
5 GB30 Days18.12
10 GB30 Days26.54

The diverse selection of plans available from eSIMMalta.com offers fantastic value for travelers, catering to various trip durations and data requirements. With these cost-effective LTE data eSIM plans, staying connected while exploring Malta becomes convenient and budget-friendly, ensuring travelers can enjoy seamless connectivity without exceeding their financial limits.

IV. Best Mobile Operators in Malta

For travelers exploring Malta, selecting the appropriate mobile operator is crucial for ensuring reliable coverage and reasonable rates. Presented below is a succinct comparison table of prominent operators, highlighting key features, advantages, disadvantages, and ideal usage scenarios. 

OperatorMain PointsProsConsBest Use Case
GO MobileLargest network coverage, offers quad-play services (mobile, internet, TV, landline)Reliable connection, diverse plan optionsCan be slightly more expensive than competitorsGeneral travelers, families seeking bundled services
MelitaStrong customer service, known for competitive pricingAffordable plans, excellent customer supportNetwork coverage might be slightly weaker in rural areasBudget-conscious travelers, those prioritizing customer service
EpicFastest mobile network in Malta (according to Ookla Speedtest Awards)Superior data speeds, good value for moneyNetwork is still expanding, may have fewer retail locationsTech-savvy travelers, those needing high-speed data for streaming/downloading

In conclusion, when considering mobile operators in Malta, Melita stands out for its strong customer service and reputation for competitive pricing. With affordable plans and excellent customer support, it caters well to budget-conscious travelers and those who prioritize responsive assistance.

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Are there any specific considerations or limitations with using eSIM for internet access in Malta?

While eSIM offers convenience and flexibility, availability may vary depending on device compatibility and local operator support in Malta.

How reliable is mobile internet connectivity in Malta, particularly in rural areas or remote locations?

Mobile internet connectivity in Malta is generally reliable, particularly in urban areas. However, coverage may be weaker in rural or remote locations.

Is 5G available in Malta yet?

Yes, the main cities and tourist towns have 5G coverage from Epic and GO. But 4G still provides good speeds nationwide.

Are calls and SMS included on data-only plans?

No, prepaid data bundles are data-only. You need to purchase additional call/SMS credit for standard voice/text usage.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, when considering mobile internet in Malta, prioritize factors like coverage, data speeds, and pricing. For tourists, both local SIM cards and eSIMs offer convenient solutions, with local SIM cards providing wider availability and eSIMs offering flexibility and ease of use. Ultimately, choosing between the two depends on individual preferences and device compatibility.

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