Travelling to Malta and need connectivity? Get Melita SIM cards and eSIM. Melita is the leading telecom provider in Malta with great coverage and speeds. This guide covers everything you need to know about getting Melita SIM cards and eSIM plans as a tourist.

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I. Quick facts about Melita

Melita SIM Cards and eSIM

Melita is the largest telecommunications company in Malta. Some key facts:

  • Founded in 1992
  • Full company name is Melita Limited
  • Provides mobile, fixedline, internet and TV services
  • Has 90% population coverage with 3G and 4G/LTE
  • Top speeds of up to 200 Mbps on 4G network
  • Originally started in the 19th century as a telegram company

So, Melita has a long history in Malta, extensive networks and leading products – an ideal provider for connectivity.

II. Malta Melita Coverage and Speed in Malta

Sure, before you grab Melita SIM cards and eSIM in Malta, it’s a good idea to know how well their network works all over the country and how fast it is.

1. Melita Coverage in Malta

Melita Coverage Map

Melita uses 3G, 4G and 4G+ networks to cover 90% of Malta and Gozo residents. It has over 95% indoor coverage, so you can stay speedy inside buildings too.

  • Melita is a telecommunications company in Malta that provides mobile services.
  • The coverage of Melita’s mobile network is primarily focused on Malta.
  • Melita offers 4G/LTE connectivity, providing high-speed mobile internet access.
  • The exact coverage area and network speeds may vary depending on location and network conditions.
  • Melita aims to provide reliable and fast mobile connectivity to its customers in Malta.
  • The network infrastructure is regularly maintained and upgraded to ensure optimal performance.

2. Melita Speed

  • Customers can expect to experience fast download and upload speeds for browsing, streaming, and other mobile internet activities.
  • Melita may offer different mobile plans and packages with varying data allowances and speeds to cater to different customer needs.
  • For specific information on coverage maps, network speeds, and available services, it is recommended to visit the official website of Melita or contact their customer support.

III. Melita connectivity options for travelers to Malta

Melita provides various temporary connectivity solutions for tourists in Malta, enabling convenient access to call, messaging, and internet services while you’re visiting.

Connectivity Options Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM Card Easy to purchase and activate. Flexible plans with various data allowances. Access to high-speed 4G/LTE network May require an unlocked phone. Limited coverage outside of Malta. May require ID verification for purchase.
Traveler SIM Card Specifically designed for travelers. Preloaded with data and international calling minutes. Easy to use and activate. May have higher upfront cost compared to regular SIM cards. Data allowances may be limited. May not offer the same flexibility as regular SIM cards.
eSIM No physical SIM card required, as the SIM information is embedded in your device. Convenient for travelers with eSIM-compatible devices. Can easily switch between multiple eSIM profiles. Requires an eSIM-compatible device. Support for eSIM may vary depending on your home carrier. Limited availability of eSIM plans and providers.
Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously. Convenient for group travel or multiple devices. Flexible data plans available. Additional device to carry and charge. May have limitations on coverage and speed. May require a separate SIM card or data plan.
Roaming with Home Carrier Seamless connectivity using your existing SIM card. No need to purchase or switch SIM cards. Convenience of staying connected with your home number. Higher roaming charges and potential for bill shock. May have limited data allowances or slower speeds. May not have access to local network benefits or promotions.

In short, factors like which devices work with it, how easy it is to use, the price, and the area it covers will all play a part in figuring out the top choice for your connectivity needs.

IV. Best Melita SIM cards for tourists & cost

When it comes to selecting a Melita Malta SIM card, the choice really boils down to what you need during your trip. With various SIM card options and plans available, it’s all about finding the perfect fit for your travel requirements in Malta.

These options are designed to simplify the process of choosing the ideal Melita prepaid SIM that aligns with your specific needs while you’re in Malta.

Prepaid Plan Data Allowance Price (USD) Calling Minutes Roaming Texting Validity
Basic Plan 2GB $10 100 minutes Limited Unlimited* 30 days
Standard Plan 5GB $20 300 minutes Limited Unlimited* 30 days
Premium Plan 10GB $30 Unlimited Limited Unlimited* 30 days
Traveler's Plan 3GB $15 100 minutes Limited Limited 15 days

If you’re planning to gobble up loads of data, grabbing an eSIM from other providers like could be a smart move. They often offer better deals on data packages than Melita.

V. Does Melita Malta support eSIM?

Yes, Melita launched eSIM support in 2020. You can use eSIM plans for both:

  • Prepaid
  • Postpaid (monthly) plans

It works on smartphones like:

  • iPhone XS or newer
  • Google Pixel 3 or newer
  • Samsung S20 series or newer

Remember to check eSIM Compatible List before purchasing eSIM.

To get Melita Malta’s prepaid eSIM, you sign up online by scanning your passport. Then you get a QR code to scan and download a profile.

However, eSIM support is still maturing in Malta. It may have technical issues or need fallback to physical SIMs. But Melita is constantly improving the platform.

Sure thing! If you’re heading to Malta, is another option to check out for eSIM service. They run on Epic’s network and offer access to a variety of plans. 

For most tourists, the regular prepaid SIM card is safest. eSIM is better suited to longer term residents with compatible devices.

But try eSIM if you meet the device requirements – when working well, it’s very convenient!

VI. Where can you buy Melita SIM cards and eSIM

buy Melita SIM Cards and eSIM

Melita provides various easy ways to buy Melita SIM cards and eSIM while you’re exploring the island.

  • Melita Stores: Melita has retail stores located throughout Malta where you can purchase both SIM cards and eSIMs. 
  • Authorized Retailers: Melita SIM cards and eSIMs may also be available at authorized retail outlets, such as electronics stores, mobile phone shops, and convenience stores. 
  • Malta International Airport: If you are arriving in Malta by air, you can check for the availability of Melita SIM cards and eSIMs at the airport. 
  • Online: Melita may offer the option to purchase SIM cards and eSIMs through their official website. Visit the Melita website and go to Mobile Plans > Prepaid > Prepaid eSIM. Scan your passport and provide local Malta contact details.

VII. How to activate Melita SIM cards and eSIM

1. To activate a Melita prepaid SIM:

  1. Insert Melita SIM and turn on phone
  2. Select preferred language
  3. Accept Terms & Conditions
  4. Enter top-up voucher PIN and Call Time value
  5. You’ll get a text confirming activation

Then just enable mobile data/dialing and you’re set!

2. For Melita eSIMs:

  1. Register and verify identity on Melita website
  2. Get QR code and SMS PIN by email
  3. Scan QR code on phone to install Melita eSIM
  4. Enter PIN when prompted to finish activation
  5. Top-up voucher PINs as needed

That completes setup. Remember to use your voucher with PIN first top-up for allowances.

Easy enough to get started either way! Both options work well for most tourist needs if you follow those steps.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

VIII. Malta Melita Call & SMS rates

Sure thing! So, when you grab a Melita Malta Tourist SIM card, you get a bunch of local and international minutes along with texts all bundled up. If you go over those limits, here are the regular rates you’ll be charged.

Service Rate (USD)
Local Calls $0.29/min
Domestic SMS $0.06
MMS $0.27
Data (500 MB) $5

It’s always best to check with Flow Jamaica directly or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their call and SMS rates, including specific destinations and any applicable charges.

IX. Useful USSD codes for Malta Melita SIM Cards and eSIM

You can check your Melita prepaid credit and data balance easily using USSD codes:

  • *100# – Remaining credit
  • *101# – Data balance
  • *102# – Plan info & expires
  • *222# – Service info No need to call or go online – USSD balance checks work offline. Some other useful USSD usage codes:
  • *123*1# – Opt-in data
  • *123*2# – Get 500 MB for €5
  • *123*3# – Get 60 voice minutes for €5

Quick way to buy add-on packs.

So remember those codes during your trip to manage your Melita SIM or eSIM!

X. How to top-up Melita SIM Cards and eSIM

To top-up your Melita SIM cards and eSIM, you have several options. Here’s a breakdown of the methods available, along with their approximate USD equivalents:

  • Vouchers: Widely available in denominations ranging from €5 to €100 ($5.88 to $117.57).
  • Online: Visit the Melita website and top-up using your debit or credit card.
  • SMS: Text a specific code to 13236 to initiate a top-up transaction. The exact amount in USD may vary based on the desired top-up value and the current exchange rate.
  • Stores: Visit Melita shops or authorized retail outlets to purchase a top-up voucher or request a top-up transaction.

XI. Alternatives to Melita in Malta

Sure, Melita is the big cheese when it comes to mobile networks in Malta, but there are a few other options worth checking out too.

  • Epic: Epic is another mobile network operator in Malta that offers prepaid and postpaid plans. They provide a range of services including voice, data, and SMS.
  • GO: GO is a leading telecommunications provider in Malta, offering mobile, internet, and TV services. They offer both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans with flexible options for voice, data, and SMS. 
  • provides eSIM data plans that allow you to stay connected in Jamaica without changing your physical SIM card.

When considering alternatives to Melita, it’s important to compare factors such as network coverage, pricing, available services, and customer support. Each provider may have different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s advisable to research and evaluate the options based on your specific needs and preferences.

Enjoy 1-3GB of high-speed data per day with 5-day eSIM plan. Prices start from $5/1GB daily: 

Malta eSIM 7-Day Plan lets you use up to 3GB of data per day for 7 days. Prices start from just $6.50/day: 

XII. FAQs about Melita in Malta

Does Melita have 5G coverage?

Not yet. 4G/LTE networks with up to 200 Mbps speeds. No 5G for now.

Can I get monthly postpaid plans?

Yes, with a 12-month local residential contract. Requires Maltese ID/permits. Prepaid is simpler for travel.

Does Melita do network unlocking?

Contact their support to submit unlock requests if your device was locked by Melita SIM activation.

Can I use Melita abroad?

Yes! Melita prepaid packs work in 40 European countries with free EU roaming.

Do data packs work in Gozo?

Yes, same Melita rates apply in Gozo and Malta no extra fees.

What verification is needed for tourists?

Just your passport for prepaid SIM. eSIM registration requires more formal ID verification before generating your plan.

XIII. Final words

That covers the basics of using Melita SIM cards and eSIM when visiting Malta! With excellent population coverage, good speeds and prepaid packs – Melita makes connectivity abroad easy. Just grab a Melita SIM card at arrival or signup for an eSIM if you have a compatible device. To stay connected across this scenic island destination. Enjoy your trip! Mikelino Malta!