Malta is a beautiful island country located in southern Europe, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s home to three inhabited islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino which together cover just 316 square kilometers. But don’t let the tiny size of this nation fool you – it packs quite a holiday punch!

That’s where Epic – the most popular mobile brand on the islands – comes into the picture! Read on as we provide an in-depth guide to getting Epic SIM cards and eSIM in Malta.

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I. Quick Facts about Epic

Epic SIM Cards and eSIM

Epic is the mobile arm of Malta’s largest telecom company Melita and aptly describes their services – epic network, epic speeds and epic holiday connectivity. Here are some key facts about Epic:

  • Founded in 1989
  • Leading mobile network in Malta with 99% population coverage.
  • Uses 4G/LTE networks only – no 2G or 3G services.
  • Top download speeds of up to 225 Mbps on 4G+.
  • Monthly plans and tourist prepaid packs with free roaming in 41 EU countries.
  • eSIM support along with physical SIM cards.

So if you want fast mobile data everywhere you go in Malta, Epic is certainly the way to go!

II. Why Epic When You’re Exploring Malta – Coverage and Speed

When you’re exploring a new place, having a reliable cell network is key. Epic goes above and beyond in ensuring seamless connectivity all over Malta, so you can stay linked up no matter where your adventures lead you.

1. Epic coverage in Malta

Epic Coverage map

Epic has installed over 100 4G+ sites to reach 99% population coverage in Malta and Gozo. So wherever you travel on the islands, rest assured your Epic SIM will catch the 4G signals.

No struggles with patchy 3G/2G networks on remote beaches or when road tripping in the countryside!

Epic prepaid packs come with free unlimited voice calls and SMS plus a data allowance roaming across 41 European countries.

So you stay connected on your Epic SIM while traveling to Italy, Malta, Greece or other European destinations.

Epic occasionally opens up their 5G networks for public testing giving users a glimpse of the future. You might just get lucky and enjoy ultrafast 5G speeds on your Epic SIM!

2. Epic Speed

Thanks to advanced LTE tech upgrades, the Epic 4G+ network offers blazing download speeds reaching 225 Mbps with an average of 90 Mbps+.

Whether you’re video calling family back home or streaming movies after a tiring day of Malta sightseeing, Epic data speeds won’t disappoint!

So while on holiday in Malta, always choose Epic SIM cards to stay connected on 4G throughout with EU roaming. Their unmatched network coverage and speeds beat other Malta networks hands down!

III. Epic Connectivity Options for Travelers to Malta

There are both Epic SIM cards and eSIM for activating mobile service when visiting Malta. Let’s look at connectivity options for tourists:

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Mobile Data Convenient access to the internet on-the-go. Limited coverage in remote or rural areas.
Can use various apps and services while traveling. May incur additional charges for data usage.
Flexibility to choose different data plans. Speed and reliability may vary.
Wi-Fi Hotspots Generally free or low-cost access. Limited availability in some areas.
Faster and more stable internet connection. Need to locate and connect to hotspots.
Can be used on multiple devices. Security concerns when using public hotspots.
SIM Card Local phone number and cheaper local calling rates. Requires a compatible unlocked device.
Access to local data plans and promotions. Need to purchase and activate the SIM card.
No roaming charges within Malta. Limited validity if visiting multiple countries.
eSIM No physical SIM card required, convenient for travelers. Limited device compatibility.
Easy to switch between different eSIM profiles. Limited availability and support from service providers.
Can use multiple phone numbers on a single device. May not be supported by all mobile networks or devices.

So in summary, with Epic tourist SIMs, regular prepaid SIMs and eSIMs – you have plenty of connectivity options for your Malta visit. Pick what suits your travel style and duration of stay!

IV. Best Epic SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Here are the best Epic tourist SIM cards in Malta providing great value with lots of data and free EU roaming:

Plan Data Calling Price (USD) Validity
5 Day Tourist SIM 15 GB 5000 mins $17.58 5 days
15 Day Tourist SIM 50 GB 15000 mins $29.30 15 days
30 Day Tourist SIM 100 GB 30000 mins $47.04 30 days

Whenever you buy a Epic tourist SIM, don’t forget to carry your passport as ID proof. Also check the SIM card validity as soon as you insert and activate it on your phone.

We recommend buying the longest duration Epic SIM card possible for your trip to get the lowest effective data rates.

With 100 GB data, the 30 day SIM works out to just €0.4 per GB – that’s tremendous value!

V. Does Epic Support eSIM in Malta?

Absolutely yes! Epic launched eSIM support in September 2022 available on both iOS and Android platforms.

With eSIMs steadily gaining global adoption, Epic Malta is staying ahead of the tech curve just like their advanced 4G+ network.

Here are key details about getting and using Epic eSIM in Malta:

  • Epic eSIMs are available in Malta and Gozo islands with the same coverage footprint as their physical SIM cards.
  • You don’t need to worry about network compatibility – just ensure your device supports eSIM functionality.
  • Tourist eSIM: For visitors, Epic offers a special Tourist eSIM with EU roaming just like their physical SIM cards.
  • Resident eSIM: For long term stays, residents can also activate Epic’s Unlimited eSIM plans on eSIM compatible phones.

Consider using an eSIM with Epic? Check out for the Malta eSIM. It helps you stay connected in Malta without expensive roaming fees. They offer various data plans to choose from, so you can find the right one for your needs.

Discover a complete week of Malta’s data for just $6.50. No more pesky roaming charges! Get 1-20GB with the handy Malta eSIM 7 Day Plan. Grab it now for seamless connectivity on your travels!

So, in summary, Epic does offer eSIM options for both tourists as well as foreign students and workers moving to Malta temporarily.

Remember check eSIM compatibility list before buying eSIM.

VI. Where Can You Buy Epic SIM cards and eSIM?

buy Epic SIM Cards and eSIM

Here are all the ways to purchase Epic SIM cards and eSIM when visiting Malta:

  • Online Stores: The easiest way is to buy online from Epic’s online store before you arrive in Malta.
  • Epic Stores: Epic SIM cards and eSIM are sold at all Epic retail outlets in Malta and Gozo. Find their store locator here. Carry your passport for tourist SIM cards. Staff can help set up eSIM via QR code as well.
  • Malta International Airport: You’ll find a Epic shop at Malta International Airport Arrivals area to pick up your Epic SIM or eSIM right after exiting customs.
  • Authorized Dealers: Apart from Epic stores, many local mobile dealers and convenience stores also retail Epic SIM cards in Malta.

However, we recommend buying directly from a Epic shop or airport store for authentic SIM cards. Also, support for eSIM may not be available widely.

So in a nutshell, Epic physical and digital SIMs are readily available both online as well as offline outlets in Malta. With tie-ups with Epic, you’ll never struggle to find Epic SIM cards!

VII. How to activate Epic SIM Cards and eSIM in Malta?

Activating your new Epic SIM Cards and eSIM is very simple when you arrive in Malta:

1. How to use Epic SIM Card in Malta

  • Insert the SIM Card
  • Power on Your Device
  • Activate the SIM Card
  • Configure APN Settings
  • Top Up Your Account
  • Start Using Digicel Services

2. How to activate Epic eSIM Malta

  • Check Device Compatibility
  • Obtain the eSIM QR Code
  • Access eSIM Settings
  • Add eSIM
  • Activate eSIM
  • Top Up Your Account

Please check your detailed instructions below:

VIII. Malta Epic Call & SMS Rates

Here are the standard Epic prepaid call and text rates without any active plan:

Call/SMS Type Rate (USD)
Local Calls to Malta mobiles & landlines $0.27/min
SMS to local Malta numbers $0.06/SMS
Calls to Maltese mobiles/landlines from EU $0.41/min
Receiving calls from EU on Malta Epic $0.13/min
International Calls (Bolt-ons required)  
India & Sri Lanka $0.69/min
Bangladesh & Pakistan $0.95/min
Philippines & Thailand $0.54/min
Western Europe $0.68/min
Eastern Europe $1.76/min
Rest of the World $2.34/min

To check updated calling charges or active plans, dial *109# from your Epic SIM. This covers standard prepaid rates.

Tourist SIM packs come with bundled local/International minutes so you won’t incur these call charges using the free units. Beyond included units, the above rates apply.

IX. Useful USSD codes for Epic SIM/eSIM

Here are most useful USSD commands you need to monitor and manage your Epic prepaid account:

Check Balance

*100# – To check main balance

*104# – To check bonus balance

Plan & Packs

*123*pack code# – Activate data packs & plans

*100*2# – Check current base plan and added packs

*100*5# – Deactivate current packs

Recharge & Payments

149 – To start mobile top-up process

*120*amount in cents# – Direct top-up


*101# – Get support contact number

So bookmark this Epic USSD codes list to easily check usage, plans and recharge credit through phone menu rather than app!

X. How to top-up Epic SIM/eSIM

Epic store

Adding more balance to your Epic prepaid account prolongs validity and lets you extend usage. You can recharge both physical SIMs and eSIMs in multiple ways:

  • Online Top-up: Fastest way is to use Epic website or My Epic app by adding funds to your registered number using card payment.
  • Epic Stores & Kiosks: Walk into any Epic store or dealer outlet across Malta to make cash or card payments. Just provide phone number.
  • ATMs: You can also recharge through HSBC/BOV/APS ATM machines using your bank debit card. Choose mobile top-up and enter your number.
  • Voucher Cards: Buy Epic recharge voucher cards from stores and dealers in €10/€20 values. Scratch card to get PIN and dial 149[PIN]# to redeem.

So you have enough convenient options to recharge any Epic prepaid SIM via multiple online/offline modes. Ensure account stays valid to avoid service cutoff when traveling in Malta!

XI. FAQs about Epic in Malta

Here are answers to most frequently asked questions about buying and using Epic SIM card in Malta:

Do I need to show passport/ID for getting SIM?

Yes, you need to show original passport at store to verify identity for activating any Tourist SIM card or eSIM in Malta.

Can I use Epic SIM in Gozo and Comino?

Yes, Epic network works perfectly in Gozo and Comino with the same coverage and speeds. Even the free EU roaming allowance can be freely used while island hopping!

What’s an Epic PIN and how to get it?

It’s a 4 digit passwordCredential: cred2 that provides secured access for *100# and *101# self-care USSD services.
You get your unique EPIC PIN via SMS when you activate a new SIM card in Malta or buying a tourist eSIM online.
If you lose EPIC PIN, contact customer care to regain access to self-care menu.

How to stop automatic bonus packs on Epic?

Dial *100*5# → ‘1’ → ‘1’ to stop all recurring bonus packs activations if you only want base plan validity. This prevents unwanted charges.

XII. Final Words

We hope this guide covered everything you need to know about getting and using Epic SIM cards and eSIM for visiting Malta! With their strong reliability, great speeds plus free EU roaming – Epic mobile prepaid connections are your best travel buddy.

Be it a short trip or a month-long remote work-vacation, you’ll stay super connected across Malta with an Epic SIM. Just don’t forget to snap stunning Instagram pics that capture the Mediterranean magic with your phone.