There are three main Malta mobile operators battling for market share. So, which one is the best to go with? This article provides an overview of all the Malta mobile operators, the key factors in choosing the best option, and a detailed comparison to help you decide.

best mobile operators in Malta

I. List of Mobile Operators in Malta

1. Main Malta Mobile Operators

There are currently three main mobile network operators providing cell phone and mobile internet services in Malta:

  • GO: GO is the market leader and the largest mobile operator in Malta with around 50% market share. GO uses the Epic network and branding under a partner market agreement. 
Malta mobile operators
  • Melita: Melita is the second largest mobile operator in Malta, has around 30% market share currently.
  • Epic: Epic is the third mobile operator in Malta and the smallest of the three. Epic focuses primarily on discounted prepaid mobile plans to appeal to budget-conscious consumers.

2. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Malta

There are also some mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Malta which lease network access from the main MNOs and offer their own branded services. Some popular MVNOs in Malta include: Redtouch Fone, YOMO Mobile, You Mobile, Tron Mobile. 

MVNOs typically offer prepaid and postpaid plans, with varying data, voice, and messaging bundles.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Malta

When deciding which Malta mobile operators to choose, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Coverage: Evaluate the network coverage of the mobile operators in the areas you plan to visit or reside in Malta. 
  • Pricing and Plans: Compare the pricing structures and available plans offered by different operators. Consider your data, calling, and messaging needs, and choose a plan that offers a suitable balance of affordability and sufficient allowances.
  • Data Speeds: Consider the data speeds offered by the mobile operators. If you require fast and reliable internet access, look for operators known for providing high-speed connections.
  • International Roaming: If you are a frequent traveler or if you plan on using your mobile services while outside of Malta, check the international roaming options and rates provided by the operators. 
  • Customer Service: Look into the quality of customer service provided by the mobile operators. 
  • Additional Services: Some operators may offer additional services such as value-added features, entertainment bundles, or loyalty programs. 

III. Best Mobile Operators in Malta- Detailed Comparison

Digging deeper into a detailed comparison of Malta mobile operators across some of the key evaluation criteria:

Mobile Operator Coverage Speeds English Support Plans Bandwidth Objects of Use
GO Wide coverage across Malta High-speed internet connectivity Yes Various plans with data, voice, and messaging allowances 4G/LTE Suitable for residents and tourists
Epic Wide coverage across Malta High-speed internet connectivity Yes Various plans with data, voice, and messaging allowances 4G/LTE Suitable for residents and tourists
Melita Wide coverage across Malta High-speed internet connectivity Yes Various plans with data, voice, and messaging allowances 4G/LTE Suitable for residents and tourists
  • Market share: GO has a large portion of the market in Malta, while Epic and Melita also have substantial market shares.
  • Network Bandwidth: All of three Malita mobile operators provide high-speed internet connectivity.
  • Coverage: GO, Epic and Melita offer wide coverage across Malta.

In general, each of the three service providers enables individuals to maintain a dependable network connection throughout the entire nation.

Certainly! Epic offers a great benefit – you can also take advantage of the Malta eSIM plan from This plan gives you a Malta phone number and data without needing to buy a physical SIM card. All you have to do is scan the QR code and activate your eSIM using a compatible device.

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IV. Where to Buy SIM Card from Malta Mobile Operators?

Malta mobile operator

Mobile Operator Stores: Visit the official retail stores of the major mobile operators in Malta, such as GO, Epic, and Melita. These stores are located in major towns and cities throughout the country. 

Authorized Resellers and Distributors: These resellers often have dedicated sections or counters where you can purchase SIM cards and top-up vouchers. 

Malta International Airport: Upon arrival at the Malta International Airport, you can find kiosks or stores that sell SIM cards.

When purchasing SIM card from Malta mobile operators, make sure to bring proper identification like your passport. Also have an unlocked phone ready that is compatible with Malta network bands. Purchase your SIM card before arriving in Malta to avoid long queues at airports. eSIM sellers like offer instant delivery.

V. Do Malta Mobile Operators Offer eSIM?

Yes, eSIM support is growing among Maltese carriers as more phones add eSIM capabilities. Here are insights on eSIM availability:

  • GO – GO does make eSIM service available now on compatible iPhone and Google Pixel models. Supported GO monthly mobile plans can be digitally activated on eSIM through store personnel or their web support.
  • Melita – Similar to GO, Melita has rolled out eSIM support for iPhone and Android phones with eSIM functionality. eSIM activations are handled through their stores and customer service channels.
  • Epic – Offer eSIM options for travelers visiting Malta. With an Epic eSIM, you can get data, voice, and SMS services without the need for a physical SIM card.

So, both three providers can provision your compatible phone with mobile service via eSIM now. But eSIM support remains limited in Malta at this stage mostly focused on higher-end flagship phone models for now. Please check the eSIM Compatible Device List before buying eSIM.


Which mobile operator has the best coverage in Malta?

GO tends to have the best overall mobile coverage across Malta given its close association with Epic networks. Independent testing shows GO leading for both rural reach and urban data speeds at this stage. But Melita continues making strong coverage expansion strides.

Which is cheaper between GO and Melita?

The pricing between GO and Melita is highly competitive. Melita tends to offer better upfront discounts more often to attract switchers while GO incentivizes with device bundles. But longitudinal pricing ends up similar. Epic generally has the lowest regular rates but more limitations on data use.

Do all Malta operators offer 5G service?

5G rollout is still early in Malta with pockets of availability. GO has hotspot 5G in a few key zones as does Melita while Epic lacks owned infrastructure. Widespread 5G service remains a couple years away. The 4G LTE networks are still the primary technology for Maltese mobile customers now and perform well on capable devices.

Can tourists get prepaid SIM card in Malta?

Yes, tourists can easily obtain prepaid SIM cards from a host of retail outlets across Malta without any registration required. Local prepaid accounts do not expire so the SIM card credit remains valid for future trips as well. Just top-up when minutes get low. Convenience stores, supermarkets and independent dealers all sell tourist SIMs.

Does Malta require registering SIM card?

Maltese law does require residents to register purchased SIM cards in their name now for security purposes and fraud prevention. So locals need to register cards within 30 days by providing photo ID. But tourist SIM cards purchased from ‘Welcome’ packages require no registration, only ID verification when acquired.

VII. Conclusion

Finding the right Malta mobile operators that matches your coverage, usage, and budget needs is key. Malta residents have quality options but some analysis is required with competitive dynamics at play between GO, Melita and Epic. For the best overall combination of network performance and customer satisfaction, GO remains a leading choice albeit at some premium in pricing. But consumers wanting to maximize plan discounts or bundles over outright network quality may still do better with Melita or Epic.